About Us

Change Empire Books was formed to support aspiring authors to write beautiful quality books and get them out into the world.

Writing a book can be overwhelming – conducting a search for “how to write a book” produces millions of results. It’s almost impossible to know where to begin.

Change Empire Books was formed to provide a clear roadmap and helpful hand to new authors – right from idea stage, to published book and beyond.

Starting as a one-person book coaching service, Change Empire Books has now expanded to a large team of specialists in the book publishing industry. Writing coaches, designers, formatters, editors, and technical specialists.

We also have access to a group of experts who assist beyond the publishing journey – speaking coaches, book launch and marketing specialists, book publicists, monetised podcast experts, funnel builders, and more. Our 1:1 clients are given exclusive access to these experts so they can leverage their books and achieve their ambitions of inspiring and helping readers on an international stage.

We want to be known as the writer-friendly, one-stop-shop for aspiring non-fiction authors.