What's the crucial first step to writing a book, which most people miss?

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Today’s topic is ‘What is the crucial first step to writing a book (which most people miss)?’

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You have probably been given the wrong advice

You have probably been given the wrong adviceMany people who have written a book will tell you it’s the beginning which is the toughest part. Some people would just advise you to sit down and just start writing.

Sadly, it doesn’t work like that, in fact, this is pretty useless advice. I have often witnessed that sitting down to write with no plan or blueprint could lead you to writer’s block.

The most important first steps to writing a book should be to develop a concept and a vision of how you want to use a book in your business.

Having a vision is essential

Having a vision is essentialIt’s so crucial to make sure you know where you’re going.

Basically, it’s about building a dream and putting certain targets around that, then identifying how the book is going to work towards helping you achieve that. And starting with that dream is so vital because it’s what motivates you and drives you to keep going.

Having a vision simply means identifying what you want to do with your book and what goal you are aspiring to achieve.

If you’d rather watch a video than read a blog, here it is!

If you’d rather watch a video than read a blog, here it is!

What’s your vision or goal?

What's your vision or goalYour vision might be to speak on stage at a large event and having audience members line up to see you afterwards. Or it might be being in the media, or simply being on the phone to a potential client and them saying, “How do we start? Where do I sign?”

Your vision is whatever determines success for you, which makes you really motivated and gives you that excited feeling inside. This is what you want to be aiming for because the book, once it positions you as an expert, can be leveraged in so many ways, and you can achieve many of the things you’ve been dreaming of.

Having that vision is important to know where you’re going.

I run many of my clients through a vision exercise. Let me outline the steps you can take to complete the same exercise.

Let us do an exercise for a better understanding of vision

Think of something you want to achieve in lifeTry to think of something you want to achieve in life, anything you always dreamt of. Like being the best-selling author or seeing your book adaptation on the cinema screen or maybe addressing a huge crowd who only came to listen to you. It can be anything you want and that represents your idea of success. Close your eyes and visualise it.

Where are you?

What can see you?

What can you hear?

Who’s there?

Add small element to your dream to make it more realistic. Try imagining what would be the colour of your outfit on your big day, and who of your friends, family or clients would be there with you, or who you would call straight after.

When you achieve your dream, how will you celebrate? Will you drink champagne? Buy an outfit? Call a special friend? Go running down the street?!

Picture it all.

And feel it.

If you believe in the Law of Attraction, you’ll know that feeling your desired feelings is one of the key elements to achieving your dreams.

And remember, nothing is impossible. Everything is doable. If someone has achieved it, it’s already possible and you just need to take the steps to do it.

How to turn your vision into practical steps

Once you have your vision firmly in your mind, sit in there for a few moments (or longer) and really feel it and revel in that feeling.

Then make a list of steps to reach there with your book with the first stage. There are often not as many moves as you might assume you should take to get there.  

When you establish your goal as the final step, and your book as the first, there’s often not as many steps as you might think in between.

I call mine my ‘Six Steps to Success Mud Map’.

mud map

In my case, I have my book in the first box, then the stages of getting smaller speaking gigs, and finally, applying to international events and ending up on stage in San Diego in front of 1500 people.

It’s not going to happen overnight (is it just me or do you always think of Pantene shampoo when you hear that phrase?), but it’s only half a dozen steps.

It may take months or even a year (or more) to get there, but now you have concrete steps to follow and get to your vision.

You can write your book with purpose.

And this, my friends, is the most important first step, which most people miss.

What comes next?

If that’s exciting to you and you’ve been thinking of writing a book, feel free to book a call with us and we can have a chat about whether a book is the right move for you. And maybe it’s not.

Either way, we’ll be honest with you on our thoughts and we can help you brainstorm ideas on how you can use the book and leverage it as well.

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