How to cure writer’s block

Are you sitting there, staring at a blank page, wondering what on earth to write? Writer’s block is a frustrating experience and can happen to anybody, any time, no matter how experienced they are at writing.

So let’s get you off and writing again!

In this article, we will cover:

Are you looking at a blank page or an outline?

One of the very first reasons for writer’s block is that you’re possibly looking at a blank page.

Do you have an outline?

Or did you sit down to write your book, expecting the words to just flow?

If you are doing the latter, that is the first thing you can change to address writer’s block.

Read my blog here about how to get started with your book. I cover what to do before you start writing – and this is one of the keys to avoiding writer’s block in the first place!

If you have an outline and have worked out what will be in the book beforehand, you will never sit down to a blank page and writer’s block is highly unlikely to be an issue. It will help you a lot!

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Fear and perfectionism

Are you blocked on a deeper level?

Perhaps you’re worried that nobody will read your book, or that you don’t have the expertise or authority to write one…?

It might be the doubt and fear holding you back.

Please know that your voice is valuable.

And your first draft is going to be pretty ordinary, just like everybody else who has ever written a book! That’s what editing is for.

I always tell my clients to ‘go raw and go hard’ in the first draft. Just write without fear of what anybody else is going to think or say.

You can always delete stuff in the edit later.

For now, just tap into what you want to say and how you instinctively want to say it, and go for it!

Your way of writing is what makes you unique and what your eventual readers will love about you.

Not everybody WILL love your book, but you are not speaking to them.

You’re speaking to the person whose life you’re going to change.

Once you’ve written a book, edited numerous times and published it with a kick-arse cover, you will be seen as an expert in your industry.

A quality book makes you stand out.

So write the darn thing and nobody will question that anymore – hopefully most of all, you’ll believe it!

For now, give yourself permission to write badly.

As my writing mentor said when I was writing my first book, “Don’t get it right. Get it written.”
Do it!

Get moving

Get moving. Literally.

One of the great ways you can eliminate writer’s block is by moving your body and getting into nature (if you can).

Try these:

  • Go for a walk
  • Do some exercise inside or outside
  • Turn up the music and dance in the lounge room!
  • Do some housework
  • Make a snack
  • Cuddle your dog
  • Go outside and sweep up leaves or pull some weeds
  • Play with your kids
  • Get up and make a coffee or tea
  • Do some tai chai, yoga or stretching
  • Get your blood flowing and change your scenery completely for 15 minutes or so
  • Go and work from a café or somewhere else different today

Did one of these suggestions work?

Here are some more options!

Do something creative or mind-stimulating

  • Paint or draw
  • Do a jigsaw (not all of it, we don’t want you gone for three days)
  • Play with Lego
  • Read a book
  • Listen to some music
  • Do some ‘stream of consciousness’ or ‘freewriting’ – on any random topic – just to stimulate the creative flow
  • Meditate
  • Read the paper or a magazine

If none of these appeal, maybe there’s a way you can approach things differently so that you avoid writer’s block altogether.

Take a different approach to writing

There are a few other things you can try, which are more about approaching your writing differently.

See if one of these helps.

  • Always leave a sentence/paragraph half written. Some writers swear by this. I think Hemingway was one of them. At the end of a writing session, always leave a sentence half-written so that when you sit back down, you get right back into the flow!
  • Start on a different chapter. You can also try this. If you’ve written an outline, there is no reason you need to write in order. Feel free to jump into another chapter and go from there. The ideas might be flowing better over there ?
  • Establish a routine. Did you know that if you write a the same time everyday, even if just for 15 minutes, your brain will start to recognise it as the time to get creative, and will ‘switch on’ much faster?! I always suggest to my book coaching clients that they write everyday for 15 or 20 minutes than one big 2 or 3 hour session a week. Your book will get written faster, with less bouts of writer’s block, I promise. It works!

What doesn’t work to cure writer’s block

There are a few things which I’m confident don’t help with writer’s block… they’ll just take you down a rabbit hole of procrastination and you’ll never get back!

  • Watching TV
  • Googling/researching
  • Computer games
  • Anything on YouTube
  • Refusing to write until you feel ‘inspired’ (nobody writes a book this way)

Try any or all of the other options above before you try one of these and give up completely!
You can do it!

Are you okay now?

If you take a break and change the way your brain and body are working, by doing one of the physical or creative activities above, your writer’s block is probably a distant memory by now. You’re probably off writing and not even reading this paragraph. If that’s the case, yay!

You will find that once you get back to it, and if you write regularly, you’ll soon get back into the swing of it and your writer’s block will be a distant memory.

What to do now

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If you’re keen to get started on writing your book, you will find my 45 Step Book Writing and Publishing Checklist very handy. Just click here to tell me where to send it!