Become a Published Author, Unlock Exciting Opportunities, and Energise Your Business. 

1:1 Book Coaching

Our book coaching program provides you with all the guidance and support you need to get clarity on the exact book idea which will support your goals. We provide you with a clear map of which steps to take, weekly feedback on your writing, and accountability to your writing goals. Exclusive access to post-publishing industry experts, plus a basic marketing and promotion strategy will help you to be seen in all the right places by the right people, and ultimately, earn more money.


This is our entry-level, self-paced program. If you are on a budget, but you want to have everything you need to know to plan, write, edit, design, publish and promote your non-fiction book in the one place… PLUS you are highly motivated and self-directed, this is for you.

Ghostwriting & Co-writing

Want a book but don’t have the time to write it? Don’t kill your dream of working with high-level clients, speaking on stage, and adding one or two more zeros to your income. I will write the book for you from start to finish. Then together with my team, we will polish it up and take care of everything through to launch, so you barely have to lift a finger. Prices start from AU $34,555 (US $24,555).

Strategy Call

Writing a book and need just a little bit of help and direction? If you want guidance on one crucial thing, like writing your outline, getting clear on your audience or objective, or getting feedback on your writing to ensure you’re on the right track, a once-off 60 minute strategy call is for you. Work with us in a private, 1:1 call to get clarity and support on absolutely anything in the writing and publishing journey. AU$444 (US$333)

Publishing-only Packages

Already have a written draft in hand? Readers still judge a book by its cover. They don’t have the patience of rereading confusing sections, or putting up with misspelled words, bad grammar, or poorly constructed sentences. You have worked hard to get here – don’t start slowing down with the finish line in sight. With our publishing-only package, we will edit, polish, design and publish your book so it can help you reach all your goals – be it more money, more clients, or media/speaking opportunities. Priced from AU $14,555 (US $11,500).