Why writing a book is so great for building your business?

Have you thought about writing a book because you believe it could be good for raising your profile, allowing you to charge (more) for coaching or speaking, and basically act as a good tool overall for building your business?

Well, you’re right.

Writing and publishing a high-quality book is an exceptional way to stand out in the crowd.

Although in our industry, you might think ‘everyone’ is writing a book, they’re not really. It’s just the circles you move in.

Writing a book still positions you above your competition and opens doors of opportunity.

This article talks about why writing a book is so good for raising your profile and building your business.

In this article, we will cover:

Why do you want to write a book?

Writing a book for your own reasons is not selfishWhen I ask people why they want to write a book, they will often answer “to help people”. This is a great way to think and educating, inspiring and changing the lives of readers is my higher purpose.

But there is another great reason to write a book, and in the self-publishing world, this reason really needs to come above all others…

And that is, that a book is a fantastic tool you can leverage to achieve objectives in your business.

For many people, this hasn’t actually occurred to them on a conscious level. They just know they have knowledge they want to share, and they want it to reach others…

Then once I ask about what the book can do for THEM (not their readers), they are often surprised by the fact that they can use it in their business.

It’s actually the number one thing I look at in my business with my clients.

What will the book do for YOU?

Your own reasons for writing a book are perfectly valid“What will the book do for YOU?” is one of the first questions I ask aspiring new authors.

The reality is that people still revere authors, they still see a book and think, “Wow, like that takes a lot of time and effort,” because they know it takes time, courage and confidence. They assume you must be an expert in order to put yourself out there by writing a book about the topic.

So, the minute you put out a quality book, you position yourself as an expert and a go-to person in your industry.

And please know that writing a book for your own reasons is not selfish. Of course you want to help others, and the book has to BE helpful, but you’re the one writing it – and putting in the time, energy, and money to write and self-publish.

This means your own reasons and objective are perfectly valid!

But it needs to be quality.

I make the caveat that it needs to be high quality because anything which looks rubbish with a cheap-looking cover doesn’t help your profile that much. In fact, it can harm it.

This means we’re talking about high quality books, where you’ve put time and effort into a beautiful cover design and editing. Lots of editing.

So, don’t go cheap and nasty. (If you can’t afford to get your book edited and the cover professionally designed, then now is not the time to write your book. Focus on making money in your business instead.)

What opportunities are there for authors?

Writing a book is a great tool to use in your business and there are many ways you can use it to open doors of opportunity.

With a newly published book, you can:

  • Get speaking gigs
  • Finally get paid speaking gigs or get paid more for speaking (if you’re speaking already)
  • Attract media (although with the right hook or ‘angle’ on your press release – writing “I am releasing a book” doesn’t get you anything. I worked in media with media for 15 years before training as a coach and not everyone is going to get media for their book, but there are ways to get media in a lot of instances.)
  • Attract new leads/clients
  • Attract higher paying clients
  • Warm up leads
    • Reward those who stay for a whole webinar or attend a workshop
  • Be invited to take part in panel discussions
  • Be invited to do guest posts on online blogs (or you can pitch them)
  • Be interviewed on people’s podcasts or Facebook groups (FB Lives)
  • In fact, there are all kinds of ways and places you can be interviewed, for wider exposure
  • Take to an event where you are attending and/or speaking

A book can be used in so many ways, and all the ways you can share it with a lead/potential client will create a lot of opportunity. You just need to look for those opportunities!

Why would you ever give your book away?

Why on earth would you give your book awayWhen you give away something, the recipient often feels compelled to give back and that’s why Hare Krishnas give away flowers or stickers… because they know when they give you something, you feel compelled to give something back… generally your time and probably your money…

It’s a technique marketers and sales people have been utilising for years.

This means that giving away your book strategically, in the right situations and to the right people, can be a fantastic way to connect and uplevel.

Of course, if you don’t want to give away your book, you can certainly just sell it. It is a great way to create a small second income. However, don’t get too excited… You are highly unlikely make a living out of your book sales and you’ll still have to run ads to sell the book.

Realistically, it’s the ‘things’ around the book which really makes you the money, like coaching and speaking…

But that’s the thing with having a book…

You’ve positioned yourself as an expert. You can generally charge more for your coaching… If you’re already getting paid for speaking, you can generally charge more for your speaking… If you’re speaking, but you’re not getting paid, you can start getting paid.

Getting paid to speak

All the big names and keynote speakers have booksI once spoke to an event organiser who said “When we hire speakers, if they’ve got a book, we find it very hard not to pay them. If they don’t have a book, we assume they’re free.”

Now that might not be the case for every event organiser, but certainly with the speakers and event managers I’ve talked to and worked with, I find this to generally be true.

I have a client who charges $12-15,000 for a keynote about her niche topic, and the book is allowing her to charge $20-25,000. That’s a big jump!

She said, “All the big names and keynote speakers have books.”

And the beauty of writing a book is that once you’ve got the book, you’ve always got it there.

I guarantee you will never regret writing one! (You might regret not writing one, though!)

How long can you ‘use’ the book?

I think you can get a solid two years out of your book, where it’s fairly ‘fresh’… and then maybe it’s time to write a second book or even a third!

It’s quite addictive.

Some people like writing their first book as more of a ‘functional’ book. Maybe a ‘10 steps to…’ or ‘How-to’ book.

Personally, I’m working on ‘10 steps to write and actually finish your book’ title at the moment.

The next book you write could be more of a stretch… something which pulls a thread out of that book and expands upon it… Perhaps something you are niching down into or maybe an area that you want to stretch into in six or 12 months’ time.

What can you do to get started?

Overall, a book is such a great way to raise your profile and position yourself as an expert… and then you leverage that profile, because people are looking at you differently. You’re separating yourself from your competitors.

If this is appealing to you and you’re thinking of writing a book, please download our checklist below, or you can just book a call with us using this to discuss your book idea, and the next action steps you could take to be seen as a Thought Leader.


Happy writing!


The Change Empire Books coaching team

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