When you have big dreams but you have nobody in your corner who believes in you or can guide you in your decision making…

When you have a new business, but it’s not turning out as you hoped, dreamed, and planned…

When you’re on maternity leave and the thought of going back to work makes you feel sick, because what you really want is to run your own business from home and spend time with your child/ren…



If you’re planning an event or gathering and need a speaker, I imagine you want to arrange someone who’s informative, interesting, engaging and a little bit funny. After all, if your speaker is great, you look great too.

I speak at big or small events, to both men and women, about self-development and leadership topics. With a long history as a performer – including training in the entertainment capitals of London and NYC, and various appearances in bands…


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    Cathryn Mora

    Coach  |  Author  |  Writer  |  Speaker

    Hi, I’m Cathryn. I’m a Coach who also does a fair bit of writing for media, speaking gigs, and the occasional karaoke session. But only in front of a large audience. I’m not into those small, private karaoke rooms. Think of somewhere between a hall and a stadium. That’s my jam.

    But seriously, while I joke (kind of) about loving a big audience, I’m very serious when it comes to coaching. Nothing is more important than living your best life, and I want to see you succeed.

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